Face the winter chill with a smile with Electric Tankless Water Heaters. These are efficient heating units that require one time installation. Once installed, you can enjoy hot water just with the twist of the tap!

These water heaters need to be hard wired to the electric panel or circuit breaker. These heat the water as it passes over the electrical element. They are not very expensive and are ideal for small families and households. Using these in very large households may be a problem because they do not warm water in large quantity. So, if your family consumes too much hot Geen warm water at one time, then this may not be the best option. For others, there is nothing better!

The electric tankless water heating units from Bosch are efficient and reliable units to go for. The Bosch Tankless Electric Water Heaters are available in two models:-

Flow-controlled Electric Tankless Water Heaters – These units can only be fed with cold water. This cold water passes over its heating element and becomes hot. Powerstar Electric Tankless Water Heater, model AE9.5, is a flow-controlled unit from Bosch. It can easily be mounted on any wall and gives hot water in minutes. Getting this unit installed under the sink can help you enjoy warm tap water during winters.

Thermostatic Electric Tankless Water Heaters – These water heaters not only receive cold water and warm it, but can also store hot water. Thus making it possible for the user to enjoy hot water without any wait. Ariston Mini-Tank Point Of Use Water Heater from Bosch is an excellent example of these types of units. With a capacity to store about 4 gallons of water, this unit can easily supply water to two sinks. It is easy to mount on walls and features a relief valve that helps maintain the temperature of water stored inside the unit.
For those who require a whole house unit, they can go for the Whole House Electric Heaters. The Powerstar Whole House Unit from Bosch is a good purchase. At one time, it can easily provide water at 3.7 gallons per minute for two sinks or one shower or a bath tub. And simultaneously, 3 gallons of water per minute for 2 sinks for 1 dishwasher.