Every winter, more and more tourists from all over the world are embarking on an adventurous holiday to the polar latitudes to go Aurora Borealis hunting in Iceland, Sweden, or other Northern European countries from which this magnificent natural spectacle is visible. This growth in popularity, particularly among lovers of nature and the wilderness looking for something a little different and adventurous, has in led to the advent of specialised tour operators offering superb, well-rounded and experiential packages centred around the hunt for the Northern Lights.

More than Just the Northern Lights

But what makes these packages so attractive and popular when compared to, for example, skiing and snowboarding breaks, arguably the most sought-after type of winter holiday in the Western world? Plenty! Focusing on Iceland, in this case, aside from the rugged appeal of unspoilt nature and the once-in-a-lifetime experience of Aurora Borealis hunting savage axis xp 6.5, one of the main other aspects that appeals to adventurous travellers are the extensive side activities available on this type of package. There is a wealth of alternative activities to fill the ‘down-time’, and Aurora Borealis hunting experiences in Iceland have far more to offer than even the considerable thrill of the Northern Lights.

Examples of the type of extras you might find on a visit to Iceland on an Aurora Borealis hunting tour include a Super Jeep excursion out to the stunning wilderness regions of the country to chase the Northern Lights, followed by a delicious lobster feast in one of the country’s most celebrated and renowned restaurants (the perfect warm-up after a day out in the Arctic cold); a Super Jeep excursion part way to the famous EyjafjallajΓΆkull volcano, followed by an invigorating hike to arrive as close as possible to the crater’s edge; glacier hiking and ice climbing in Seimajokull; horseback riding along black volcanic beaches or volcanoes on one the country’s beautiful Icelandic horses; snowmobiling on the MΓ½rdalsjΓΆkull glacier; and whale-watching off the capital, Reykjavik.

These additional activities and day-trips are designed to work in around the most optimal sighting opportunities of the Northern Lights and are a wonderful accompaniment to make it a truly memorable experience. Along with these extra attractions, there are, in fact, many ways to experience the lights themselves – whether it’s from the deck of a boat off the coast in Reykjavik (a stunning experience with the lights of the city providing a twinkling backdrop), or via a Super Jeep tour out in the chilly, unspoilt wilderness.