Here are the top four reasons why your jewelry case should at least have several pairs of sterling silver stud earrings. Hoops are sexy and free. Chandeliers are intriguing and glamorous. Bangles are youthful and fun, but just why should every female from three to a hundred and three own a few intoxicating pairs of sterling silver studs?

Sterling Silver Stud Earrings Are Versatile They can be successfully worn with literally every outfit that is in your closet, from a pair of fashionable faded jeans to your classic little black dress and everything in between. Wear them to work in the morning, and keep them on as you grab a pair of heels to go out on the town that evening. They can be appropriately worn to any event or occasion from a kid’s birthday party to an office party, or even on a romantic dinner date with the love of your life.

They Elicit Endless ComplimentsΒ Silver stud earrings do notΒ Outfit Stud HeelsΒ detract from your appearance, and yet they have a marvelous ability to draw attention to your face, hair, and neck. The focus is on you as the lovely person you are, not you sporting a pair of conspicuous-looking dangles or chandeliers. Studs speak of classic beauty, they give you that well put together, educated, and intelligent look. They give you a sense of purpose and style that conveys definite individualism and uniqueness.

They make you look and feel that you are in your own personal element, and that you are comfortable in your own skin. Wearing these earrings guarantees that you will always have an abundance of admirers from the ranks of both sexes. Your admirers will say, “she looked lovely tonight”, instead of,”she had on beautiful earrings this evening”.

Silver Stud Earrings Are Always In Style Little girls usually receive silver studs as their very first pair of earrings right after their ears are pierced, and from then until the grave they can continue to wear that very first pair if they so choose. Sterling Silver Stud Earrings never go out of style and they are always a popular choice as gifts for any female regardless of her relationship to you. They can be correctly given your young cousins and nieces, aunts, sisters, moms, or friends. They are never seen as too inexpensive and yet they do cost less than earrings made of the other two precious metals, gold and platinum.

Favorite Silver Studs Are Keepsakes Not only are they keepsakes, but they can be passed down from generation to generation. The precious heirlooms that great grandma wore can still be worn and appreciated by the youngest member of the present generation. All they need is regular cleaning and proper storage and they will last over many lifetimes.