Many people have gone to the carwash and seen all the cars lined up getting washed and all the money the carwash is making and thought to themselves, why this is a very good business and I would like to start a carwash. Good for you I say, very observant in fact and yes on a busy weekend the carwash is often slammed with customers and they do take in a lot of revenue.

However often during the week they are not so busy and they may have excess labor on the job, which prevents them for making higher profit margins. Additionally you want to consider that building the Car cleaning xcan be very expensive and quite a problematic endeavor as you attempt to get environmental impact reports passed at the planning commission and give them to approve your plans.

You must consider that carwash is highly over regulated because they often have wastewater reclaim tanks under the ground and lots of mechanism, large electricity needs and they’re dealing with high-pressure water. Realize also that a car washes use chemicals to wash the cars and some of these chemicals are harmful to humans in the wrong ratios or concentrations.

It is for all these reasons that when considering starting a carwash company you may want to think about what you are getting into. However, a carwash is a good business and if there is little or no competition near you; you can make it a lot of money overtime. But running a carwash company is not a get rich quick proposition. Consider this in 2006.