Everyone loves a shiny new bathroom – nothing beats those gleaming chrome taps and smooth ceramic surfaces before they have had a chance to get scratched or build up limescale. And there are so many styles of bathroom to choose from: full-blown period reproductions (or even the real thing that has been renovated for modern use) to sleek contemporary wall-hung sanitaryware with extra-large gloss white porcelain tiles; and every other conceivable type of design and style in between. Bathroom equipment comes in all shapes and sizes from enormous baths big Dubai sanitaryware enough for the whole family to space saving basins and toilets designed for the many small modern houses being built by new home developers (particularly in the UK where space is at such a premium).

With so many designs and styles to select from the choice can be overwhelming: of course, it is partly governed by the size and existing layout of your bathroom and your budget but it is still a difficult choice and one you want to get right given the expense of a new bathroom of any kind. So if you are confused about the best style of new bathroom why not consider a monochrome design. Such a bathroom will not date as quickly as one with a more contemporary look so it will prove a better long-term investment for your home.

Monochrome does not have to be strictly just black and white. Indeed sometimes using only white can cause colour-matching problems because all whites are different and you may not be able to get a good match for your white bathroom suite and white tiles, and if they sit next to each other, which they are very likely to do, then the mis-match will be obvious. However, if you are determined to have only pure white and black then avoid using different white materials alongside each other. For instance, if your main wall tiles are white then don’t tile right up to the bath, instead use a black accent tile where the wall joins the edge of the bath. Similarly if your preferred floor tiles are white think about how they meet other white items.

It is also possible to have a very effective scheme that is almost monochrome by introducing off-white, cream or stone coloured floor or wall tiles, which often complement the white sanitaryware better that pure white tiles because you will not have the problem of non-matching “whites”.