Most people think of courier loads as parcels that can be carried or picked up by hand. They vary in size of course, and in weight, but most of them can be managed simply by picking them up from the back of the van and taking them to the recipient.

However, not all loads are like that. Some drivers deliver pallet loads of goods on a daily basis instead of smaller loads. If you are thinking about changing your type of work and opting for pallet deliveries instead of hand delivered ones from the rear of your van, it’s worth thinking about the difference between the two.

Are courier loads on pallets very different at all?

They are in that you could be driving a different Pallet shipping and larger lorry each day. Since some couriers drive a car and not even a small van, this could amount to a big difference indeed. The other obvious difference between the two is that you will need to know how to operate a pallet truck, not to mention a lorry with a tail lift. Many delivery workers in this line enjoy this extra challenge. Don’t think you won’t get as much exercise though – this is still a highly physical job to do every day.

Different goods

You’ll likely find the goods you deliver as courier loads on pallets are different too. Obviously they’re larger, which means you’re not going to deliver all those smaller items on a daily basis either. This also means you’re more likely to be delivering to businesses rather than private customers. In fact, it would be quite rare to deliver to a private customer, since pallet loads are always significantly larger than other parcels.

Of course you may not always be aware of the exact nature of a delivery. But you can be sure you’ll be going to businesses, shops and other similar destinations if you changed to pallet deliveries. You’ll also be more likely to visit the same customers all the time, so it brings the opportunity to get to know them a bit more than you would otherwise.

Since some people like the sociable nature of delivering courier loads to different people every day, this is something to think about. Every courier meets lots of people, as you will know from your experiences and career thus far, but going to businesses rather than individuals will mean seeing some of the same people on a regular basis. Since couriers don’t really have a workplace they spend all day in, this can be a nice thing to look forward to.

In the end, whether you deliver goods on pallets or wrapped up in a parcel in brown paper, you’ll always meet lots of new people during the day. Just one of the many perks of this job we all love so much!