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A battle is taking place in the minds of many people, a battle between their conscious desires and subconscious programming. In other words, the difference between what they want to achieve, and what they actually believe they can achieve. When there is no harmony between what we want and what we believe, life becomes a sea of depression, desperation and unhappiness where we drown in dark, putrid waters. It doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, leaving that putrid, dark sea is easier than you might think.

The first step to get out of this ‘dark sea’ of unhappiness is to make the decision that you want to get out. It’s so easy that it may sound a little silly. Yet, when you look around at all the unhappiness that exists in the world, it’s very clear that many people just don’t take that first step of making the decision to abandon their unhappiness.  If there is a desire in your heart that brings you negative emotions because you haven’t satisfied it, you’re not really happy.

Mental health experts talk about fear of change and fear of the unknown as the reasons (excuses?) many people use to remain in their “comfort zone”, even if that zone is surrounded by unhappiness, poverty, and other not-so-good things. However, I believe that the reason so many people live with unhappiness is laziness. I’m not talking about being too lazy to clean the house, or to work as a carpenter or something like that. I’m referring to intellectual laziness and even beyond that — to spiritual laziness. Indeed, the scriptures talk about this subject. Proverbs 6 reads: 

“Go to the ant,you sluggard;observe its ways and be wise! It has no commander, overseer, or ruler, yet it prepares its food in the summer; it gathers at the harvest what it will eat.”

Those old words go right to the point I’m making here.Β Throngs of peopleΒ believe that sitting in a church with a Holy Book in their hands, hoping How to Prepare For Your First Couples Counselling Session forΒ a mysterious ray of light from above is what’s going to rescue them from their unhappy existence. Most of them are honest, hard-workingΒ people. Β And yet, many feel that the harder they work, the harder life is. It’s my opinion that this feeling is the result of laziness. Now, I understand that some of you will get angry when you read this. You might be thinking “How dare you suggest that working hard in a tough job is being lazy.” Well, actually what I am saying is that to ignore (even though we have the information) that all we need to improve our lives is already within our grasp,Β that’s being lazy.

The negative thoughts that plague your life are currently stored in your subconscious in the form of mental habits: for example, the habit of doubting that there is something better, the habit of believing that you will fail at something, the habit of thinking negatively, etc. Changing a habit is something that most people find difficult to do. The perceived difficulty of changing a habit is why so many people simply accept unhappiness instead of putting forth the effort required to change their lives. That’s the laziness to which I refer.

Isn’t it strange? There are people who are able to work 10 hours a day as masons or picking fruit in the fields, or cleaning houses or secretaries in an office, and yet they are unwilling to invest a few minutes each day to focus on thoughts that can benefit them. 

If you are drowning in the waters of a miserable life, your ‘salvation’ is at your fingertips, within you. Forget about waiting for some mysterious external force that will rescue you. This lifeline is already within you.

Everything you could possibly need to improve your life already exists within you. You simply have to decide not to ignore it anymore. Decide to think differently, to focus your energy on the good that already exists in your life despite the appearances of you current situation, and no matter what circumstances are around you at this time.

The human mind is like a computer. In fact, I believe the human subconscious is God’s computer. The mind is a tool that can create wonderful things when used correctly, but when used badly it can bring you to disaster.

Don’t miss another opportunity to learn how to use the tools you already have at your disposal, tools given to you by your creator to build the life you want to live. And as the Bible says: even an ant has wisdom, and does what it must to have a good life. What are you willing to do to have a good life? Don’t let laziness rob you of an opportunity to be happy.Β