With interactive digital skateboard parks we will also see a whole new wave of digital recordings for skateboard riders. Through CAD/CAM technologies and digital video will come the video material needed for virtual-reality skateboard parks, where the rider stands on a board in his or her living room, which is mounted on a platform in front of a large high-definition flat-panel screen. At first these systems will show up at theme parks and then eventually be incorporated into the lineup of videogames by Sony or Microsoft Corp.

You can expect these virtual-meditation living room games to be used by kids during rainy days or inclement weather. As more and more people buy these systems the prices will come down. Currently these technologies are not is expensive as you might think because the skateboard can be mounted to the platform, which will record the speed attained by the foot motion and as the rider leans from side to side that to will be recorded and displayed on the screen.

The Online Think Tank estimates the Virtual Reality/Video Game Immersion Industry to be well worth 5 Billion Dollars by 2012 and grow by over 8-15% per year. Skateboarding or Hover Board type augmented or virtual reality gaming will be a sub-sector of that market, which once introduced will surely grow along with the total market.

Interactive virtual-reality games such as this are good to help a rider practice without getting hurt doing very complex trick maneuvers. It will also keep young riders active during bad weather and give them a workout, meaning that we might prevent onset juvenile diabetes. Not to mention that such a videogame/virtual-reality system will be extremely fun, challenging and exhilarating, especially for grown up kids who cannot perform as well as they once did in their youth. The ‘glory day’ reliving of the Baby Boomers and X’ers childhood will be a percentage of the users.

Professional skateboard riders could sell their best trick performance is to an online trading system such as on eBay, so others might try to match their skill. This would allow riders who spend all their time skateboarding to earn a living for their efforts. It would also be a good way to get additional content for videogames or to be used in Hollywood movies.

Holographic virtual-reality living room gaming is on its way and this will allow a writer to experience a near reality skateboarding session totally immersed in the activity. It will also give the rider confidence in his or her ability to overcome fear, build self-confidence and attain an expert skateboarding level.