With people switching over to a K cup machine, you will now be able to find a much more diverse range of K cup varieties on the market. As Keurig dominates in terms of the actual brewers produced, we can take a look at the variety of offerings with respect to the types of drinks you can make.

First and foremost these machines were made to produce coffee, although now you will also find the option of being able to make a good selection of teas. Back to the main use of the K cups and really where the variety of choice is in – reusable coffee cup. You can buy light blends like the Donut Diner blend, or the ones that come with it – the Van Houtte House blend. If you want something stronger, you can find some options from Green Mountain Coffee or Timothy’s. Speaking of Timothy’s they will have all kinds of varieties for the K cups including their own House Blend coffee.

Now you may be asking what if you want to use the coffee blend you got somewhere on vacation, or even in a local coffee shop. The K cup machine can accommodate this variety as well. You have the option to put any variety of coffee beans by simply using a reusable K cup filter. It’s like the normal K cup, but it is not used only one time and you can clean it to keep reusing your favorite variety of morning brew. No matter which way you go with the K cup brewer, you will be able to brew your favorite cup in the morning. Make use of the single use cups, or buy the reusable filter to enjoy a greater range of varieties of coffee.