It is a familiar notion that plants grow better if they are rooted on rich soil. In general, we want to grow good plants because they are the ones who will start to bear high-quality fruits. The aforementioned is entirely true for the coffee plant. If you want to produce better coffee beans, then you should have a highly suitable environment for your coffee plant.

Knowing this, how are we to know if the coffee beans that we are planning to buy are of great quality? Can we do something to assure that the coffee beans are truly fresh? There are many questions about these coffee beans, but I will do my best to answer them in order for you to have your good cup of coffee!

Why should you choose to buy raw green coffee beans? Most coffee enthusiasts decide to do so because they plan to do the roasting themselves. The reason they choose to roast the beans themselves is because it will ensure the freshness of the coffee. But how do we really choose the best beans for the roasting process? Here I will provide you ways on choosing the right beans so you can avoid buying ones with low quality.

When buying, it is recommended that you verify the quality of the beans as it is very significant to choose green coffee beans that are high-class. Some of the popular choices when it comes to coffee beans are: Guatemalan Antigua, Kenya AA, Colombian Supremo, and Brazilian Santos. These coffee brands will surely provide you with high-quality coffee experience as the beans were grown on rich environment that enhanced the quality of the coffee plants. Look for these brands when you are buying your beans and you will not have trouble in roasting and brewing your great cup of coffee!

Careful examination on the beans’ quality is important, but doing only that will not give you certainty that they are 100% appropriate for the roasting process. Another thing that you can do is to ensure the freshness of the beans by buying directly from the coffee beans manufacturers. By doing so, you will be confident that the beans were not placed on the warehouses for a long time, thus, assuring you that they are nothing but fresh! Before buying the beans, see if they are of the same textures and sizes so that when they undergo roasting, they will be cooked equally. Also, be sure to check if they have any discolorations or white edges as these are not advisable to be used.

Just follow these tips and you will certainly produce the best brewed coffee!